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Collaborations in Film, Theatre, Commercials, Art Projects and Music Productions

Collaborations: Tekst

Sagnir & Ævintýr

Radio Theatre - a collaboration with Faroese actor Anfinnur Heinesen ( the podcast will soon be available at TUTL Records )



FØROYAR - music by hettarher ( will soon be available at TUTL Records )

Skærmbillede 2021-12-02 kl. 21.35_edited.jpg

111 góðir dagar / 111 Good Days

Soundtrack - a collaboration with TUTL Records and Director Trygvi Danielsen ( the soundtrack will soon be available at TUTL Records )

Skærmbillede 2021-12-02 kl. 21.34_edited.jpg

111 góðir dagar / 111 Good Days

Director: Trygvi Danielsen / Soundtrack: hettarher

Two lost souls with incongruent world views meet again and again under strange circumstances and it will gradually become clear that they are connected by some force, which is bigger the they can fathom.

Skærmbillede 2021-12-08 kl. 13.16_edited.jpg


Poetry and Music - a collaboration with poet, musician, film director Trygvi Danielsen

Skærmbillede 2021-12-08 kl. 12.39_edited.jpg

The Lake Radio

Interview - Sneums Palads with host Jan Sneum ( listen to podcast at SNEUMS PALADS #13 )

Photo by Veingir_edited.jpg

Summartónar Festival 2017

Headliner at the Summartónar festival 2017 - Annually the Association of Faroese Composers arranges the Summartónar festival – the composers and songwriters festival of classical and contemporary music.

Collaborations: News
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